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At Centro Dental Sol Levante, in order to maintain all the protocols required for the protection of its workers and patients, it has implemented in addition to the measures implemented to comply with the recommendations of the General Council of the College of...

At Sol Levante we take dental health to another level with the best professionals in the dental sector and the best care




At the dental clinic in Torrevieja Sol Levante we have the best team of expert doctors in professional implantology in Torrevieja and prepared to offer you the best treatment.



Having an optimal dental system allows you to enjoy a healthy and healthy life. At Sol Levante dental clinic we offer you the best prosthetic treatment for your health.


Enjoying a san smile is synonymous with personal well-being. In our dental clinic we redesign your smile with advanced teeth whitening and cleaning treatments.


The latest trends in orthodontics allow us to correct mouth abnormalities to achieve a perfect smile. From fixed or removable orthodontia to invisible orthodontia.


Maintaining a healthy dentition implies taking exhaustive and permanent care of the mouth. In our clinic we check your teeth to prevent dental pathologies.

A new concept of Dental Health


In our dental clinic in Torrevieja you will discover a new way of understanding dental health based on permanent care and the latest technology. An early diagnosis of dental diseases allows the correct treatment of pathologies to be carried out. Our team of doctors will offer you the best care and service for your health.


  • The best team of doctors
  • A service oriented to your needs
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Treatments 100% guaranteed

In our Dental Clinic in Torrevieja we have the best services, professionals and technology to take care of your oral health. Do you want to smile again? In our Dental Clinic in Torrevieja we help and advise you to offer you the most appropriate treatment to remove the pain and discomfort that may be causing you an oral health problem. We also recommend asking us about our teeth whitening

The most important thing for our Dental Clinic in Torrevieja is to take care of our patients and make them smile with total confidence and security. Therefore, we offer effective services that will make your smile look bright and radiant and, most importantly, that you can make your life completely normal and without any problem.

Trust ourDental Clinic in Torreviejayouwillnot regret it.Enjoy your smile and smile at life.


Calle Ramon Gallud, 78, 03181 Torrevieja, Alicante

Why choose our Dental Clinic in Torrevieja?

Centro Dental Sol Levante is a dental clinic in Torrevieja specialized in offering the best dental services to patients in the city. In our clinic we have the latest dental diagnostic and analysis technology to be able to analyze the origin of pain or pathology in order to offer you the best oral-dental solution. Our clinic, located in the heart of Torrevieja, has permanent facilities with several cabinets in which our doctors will attend to all your needs.

The team of doctors and dentists of our dental clinic have all the titles of dentists endorsed by health. Our professionals will assist you and offer you an exclusive treatment adapted to your health needs. All of our doctors use the latest state-of-the-art techniques and are constantly learning due to the speed with which dental research advances. This learning process allows us to provide patients of our dental clinic in Torrevieja with an exhaustive knowledge of pathologies with the appropriate techniques to cure them.

In our dental clinic in Torrevieja we have the latest technology for the diagnosis of dental diseases and pathologies with which our team of professional dentists will analyze the cause of pain in order to draw up a plan that allows us to cure it.

Our dentists are experts in dental aesthetics, so, if what you are looking for is a treatment to improve the aesthetics of your mouth, our dentists will offer you a plan so that you can have the best result in the shortest possible time. A beautiful smile is synonymous with personal well-being, in addition to allowing us to have a normal diet and let us take any type of food. In our dental clinic we can offer you different techniques to improve the dental aesthetics of your mouth. From a traditional orthodontic treatment to the latest invisible orthodontic techniques. In addition, if what you are looking for is the replacement of a damaged dental piece of your mouth, we offer you the latest techniques in advanced implantology at the best price in Torrevieja. No surprise. Forget about complex budgets that make you not know what is included and what is not included. Our transparency in rates will let you know what the price of your treatment is from the first moment.

Come to our dental clinic in Torrevieja, let yourself be advised by our team of professionals and you will get to wear the smile you were wanting, have a healthy and well-cared mouth at the best price on the market. Our personalized treatment will allow us to thoroughly know the origin of the pain or the type of pathology in order to help you. Sol Levante Dental Center is you.