More conservative dentistry improves quality of life because having a healthy mouth is important to lead a happier life. At Sol Levante we offer comprehensive treatments to have a perfect smile. Dentistry in general treats all of our patients’ problems to achieve good dental health without touching natural teeth.

  • Prevention is the best treatment.
  • Sol Levante prioritizes the preservation of your teeth.
  • We advise you without obligation.

Pediatric dentistry


We offer our clients a complete treatment of pediatric dentistry focused on the early detection of abnormalities in the mouth of the little ones.

Our pediatric dentistry specialist will keep the mouths of the smallest patients healthy and cared for. Quickly detecting any alterations that may be a problem for the child.


  • Removing the devoid tissue
  • Cleaning the tooth surface
  • Long-lasting reconstruction


  • Treatment for tooth absence
  • Crowns, bridges or veneers
  • Replenish damaged teeth


• Nerve removal

• Prevention of major problems

• Minimally invasive treatments


• Very advanced tooth destruction

• Loss of tooth part

• Additional artificial treatment to replenish the part


  • Reconstruction treatment
  • Non-invasive
  • Tooth sanitation


  • Bleeding and gum pain
  • Controlling gum inflammation
  • Non-invasive treatment