Invisalign is a focused treatment straightening of teeth. I’m sure you’ve heard that this is only done by brackets. However, this technique has been able to perfect the world of orthodontics until it allows a pretty smile to be seen without anyone in the environment noticing anything.

  • Improved the aesthetics and lace of the bite.
  • We use the most innovative technology.
  • We adapt the treatment to your needs.

Invisalign or brackets

The answer is simple. An adult with a more or less active social life will always prefer an invisible, comfortable and unnoticed orthodontic treatment. That’s why there are huge differences between the two techniques


How long does The Invisalign last?

It will depend on the treatment to be performed. From the simplest, with 14 weeks; even more complex treatments. It will always depend on the difficulty of the case and the collaboration of patients during treatment with aligners.

What are the advantages of Invisalign treatment?

The Invisalign transparent aligner system is an effective treatment that allows us to obtain successful results for almost any case with orthodontic needs

It’s removable, so we can remove it to eat and brush our teeth. This feature makes Invisalign the most comfortable treatment.

It allows better hygiene, in fact, it is the most suitable treatment for patients with controlled periodontal disease. Being removable allows better brushing of dental surfaces, thus avoiding the possible appearance of more common cavities in adolescent patients bearing brackets.

And of course, it’s a discrete system. Being a transparent device, aligners are virtually imperceptible to other people’s eyes and are only seen over short distances.

When do you start seeing results with Invisalign?

The results with Invisalign in Torrevieja are very fast. We can start to see changes in the alignment of our teeth from the first aligners. Still, any orthodontic treatment requires time and patience to obtain the desired end result.

Are there any restrictions on food?

Not in general. Unlike traditional orthodontic treatments, there are no limitations on food and beverages, as aligners must be removed for eating. Therefore, there is no reason to restrict the consumption of our favorite foods, unless directed to do so by the dentist.

How often do aligners need to be worn?

Aligners must be worn for as long as treatment lasts except for eating, brushing teeth, and flossing. Aligners are recommended for at least 22 hours a day to comply with the Invisalign treatment plan.

How does Invisalign work?

The Invisalign treatment we offer at our dental clinic in Torrevieja is a virtually invisible way to align your teeth. Using advanced 3D computerized imaging technology, the Invisalign system displays its complete treatment plan based on your Doctor Invisalign’s assessment, from the starting position of your teeth to the desired final position. Transparent aligners are custom made so your teeth move slowly.

Each aligner is worn for approximately 1-2 weeks before being replaced by the next one, and the teeth gradually move towards the projected final position. Treatment time depends on your specific needs and will be determined by your Doctor Invisalign.

Invisalign aligners move teeth in a series of carefully controlled and programmed movements. Therefore, at each stage only the movement of certain teeth is allowed, following an Invisalign treatment plan for that particular stage.

How long does The Invisalign hurt?


Most people feel slight pain in their teeth for a few days after starting each new phase. It’s normal. It’s an indicator that your teeth are moving. Still, people using Invisalign report less discomfort and less pain than those who follow traditional orthodontic treatments. This is due to the fact that the forces exerted by invisible aligners are softer than those of the brackets. In addition, Invisalign does not cause sores on the cheeks or lips.


Invis Comprehensivealign (formerly Full)

Invisalign Comprenhesive treatment is indicated in cases where the patient has needs to correct alignment of dental parts but also problems related to the bite.

In these cases the number of alienators is unlimited, it is not only about correcting bad positions, but also of getting a correct jaw closure or other associated pathologies, always depends on the case of the patient.

Invisalign Lite

The Lite version of Invisalign is intended to correct less complex postures of dental parts that require shorter treatments.

Treatments range from 10 to 12 months in duration, with a number of alienators ranging from 12 to 14.

This type of orthodontics applies to patients who have malpositions, rotations, or deviations of minor teeth.

Invisalign Express

This case is the shortest version of Invisalign, as these are only 7 aligners that will be used every two weeks.

Candidates for these treatments may be patients who have taken previous orthodontic treatments and have had slight relapses.

Invisalign Teen

Adolescence is a difficult stage where image and aesthetics are often very important in patients of this age, so this type of transparent orthodontics is so successful in this specific audience.

Invisalign has a range designed exclusively for them as it has three extra pairs of alienators to cover situations in which the splints can break or lose.

Another peculiarity of this line for teenagers is that they carry “compliance indicators” that are color indicators that are located in the molars that are losing color and to help the patient control when to make the change of alienators.