Dental whitening in Torrevieja

Professional whitening methods, Whiten your teeth with professionals in Torrevieja

If despite implementing our recommendations you have not obtained the expected results, the best option is to make a teeth whitening in a specialized clinic. In Sol Levante we have las better technologies for the teeth whitening of Torrevieja,chemical elements (bleach) and light (ultraviolet rays) will be used for the purpose of activating the bleach through light and thus implementing the transformation and giving you visible results from the first treatment

As you can see, it’s a great option to get the smile you’ve always wanted, and don’t worry about the economic part. Dental whitening and its price will not be an obstacle in the realization of your teeth whitening,since it will cost you less than you think and there are payment facilities. What are you waiting for?



Undoubtedly, the smile is one of the most empathetic and characteristic elements of your face, isn’t it? With it you can transmit joy, sarcasm, understanding… In fact, wearing a whiter smile is a much-demanding thing in society making teeth whitening one of the most sought-after dental treatments today. But is it possible to do it at home and get satisfactory results? From Torrevieja we present these useful tips to whiten your teeth

How to do teeth whitening

If you plan to have a home tooth whitening, keep in mind that this alternative serves to have a first contact. It consists of carrying out certain brushing techniques and using certain products. The color of your teeth is defined by the thickness of the enamel, by its quality or by the color of the dentin.

The first step to getting the desired dental color is a proper cleaning. Most colors correspond to healthy teeth, but they may not be the most aesthetic. Therefore, you should perform frequent brushing, using mouthwash once a week and flossing daily, as there are many areas that brushing does not reach.

Likewise, just as certain foods darken teeth, there are others that encourage whitening. An example of this is apple,so incorporating it into your diet will be a point in your favor in this goal. Another example is sodium bicarbonate. Try mixing with a little water and salt and apply the pasta for a few seconds once a week. You’ll be surprised by the results.

What foods complement teeth whitening?

Do you know that many of the foods you take every day are turning your teeth yellow? This is the case of coffee, something you’re very familiar with, especially if you have several cups after the day. Remember to moderate your intake or at least brush immediately after consumption.

Other foods that can cause the white color of your teeth to lose include red wine, tea, or tobacco. The latter is especially harmful.

Remember that the most decisive factor that will prevent proper teeth whitening at home is the lack of oral hygiene. It won’t do you any good to obsess over bleaching for two weeks if the third time you go back to your previous habits. You must be consistent and carry out this correct brushing every day.