Dental implantology is becoming the best choice for to replace one or more missing teeth. The boom did not pass from Spain. Practically all clinics, will offer you to place a dental implant. In Centro Dental Sol Levante we are expert in dental implant placement in Torrevieja.

In Our Clinic, Centro Sol Levante , we want to give answers to the most frequently asked question about dental implants.  Because if you have any unresolved doubt about Dental Implant, visit us in Torrevieja. Centro Dental Sol Levante.

What is a dental Implant?

Dental implants are a safe and lasting solution to the loss of one or more teeth. Currently the implants are made with pure titanium and function as a substitutes for the tooth root. Dental implants are the most aesthetic and functional solution to replace tooth loss.

What advantages does a dental implant have?

  • Permanent and durable

  • It is more profitable due to its ability to last for many years

  • It fits naturally and does not cause discomfort

  • They look like natural teeth

  • Require minimal treatment

  • They do not affect adjacent teeth

Can anyone get an implant?

Yes, implants can be placed on anyone. In the case of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, you simply have to have them checked before proceeding with implant placement.

With regard to age, implants can be placed since the person ends his growth, approximately 16-18 years in girls and 17-19 years in boys. There is no age limit to put implants, any older person, no matter how old they are, can gain in quality of life with dental implants.

Dental implants in Torrevieja, Are they very expensive?


The price is adapted according to each case and procedure. Keep in mind that this is a solution that can be for life, and prices are increasingly competitive, so it is much cheaper than traditional procedures, which require more visits and where the result is less durable. In addition there are also customized financing solutions. In SoL Levante, we have the best prices of Dental Implants in Torrevieja.

How long does the entire process last?

It is a simple process that takes place in the dentist’s office. The intervention itself is done in a single day. In the same session, the implant and provisional ones are placed. In a few months they are replaced by definitive prostheses. In any case, with temporary prostheses you can make normal life in 24 hours without any problem.


Is the implantation process annoying?

No. The discomfort associated with the procedure is minimal. Local anesthesia is applied during the intervention, so that the patient does not notice any type of pain. Then in the case of pain it can be relieved with analgesics.

What care do implants require? Can I do normal life?

Dental implants need the same care and control as natural teeth, it will be necessary to perform periodic checking for proper maintenance of them.

What happens if I smoke?

It is highly recommended that you avoid tobacco, as it can affect very negatively even though there is no other risk factor. It can impair healing, reduce blood supply, decrease the defenses against bacteria or affect the health of the implant in the long term. The latter is widely evidenced by studies that indicate more chances of having infections in implants when you are a smoker.

Can it be that the body rejects the implant?

It is statistically proven that the rejection of dental implants occurs only in 2.5% of cases.

How long do Dental Implants last in Torrevieja?

If well-maintained natural teeth last a lifetime, the same thing happens with implants. For this, what is needed? Starting from the base that the implant is perfectly placed and integrated into the bone, the implant also needs a healthy gum around it, which requires:

  • A presence of keratinized gums (thick gums that protect both the teeth and the gums),

2) dental hygiene of the patient at home (brushing, dental floss, interproximal brushes, water flosser …)

3) Checkings in the dental clinic every 6 months or every year (depending on the patient) to eliminate bacteria present in the nooks, control the brushing of the patient, check the absence of bacteria and inflammation in the gum surrounding the implants, dismantling the teeth to clean crowns or prostheses and observe the gum below (this is in certain types of prostheses).



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